Pictures and write ups given by John Mahoney.  Click on pictures to enlarge.

Abrams Hits an Anti Tank Mine

Taken approximately 2/04.  The Abrams in the background struckmine.  Two crewmen were seriously injured and aided by US Environmental Security force.  Pictured L to RUnidentified tank crewman, John Mahoney (Security Manager USAE),CPT. Soso Okshavili Georgian Special Forces. 

Ambush Outside FOB Tinderbox

August 04.  Vehicle convoy ambushed in v/o FOB TINDERBOX.  Convoy was being escorted by Custer Battles Security Force. When convoy came under fire Custer Battles Security abandoned convoy resulting in the death of 1 American contractor and one Turk truck driver. USAE Security passing by drove off insurgeants and recovered two friendly bodies.  Pictured John Mahoney USAE Security Manager. 

Marines at Tinderbox

USAE Security Team at FOB TINDERBOX returning fro convoy mission. Pictured (All former Marines) L to R.  GySgt. Brian Fox, John Mahoney (Security Manager), Sgt Major Richie Smith, SSG Jerry Dominguez, Sgt Brian .

John Mahoney Security Manger USAE / FOB Tinderbox